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Friday, November 28, 2008

Reflections on the results of...

Having supervised, managed, taught,  advised, consulted, coached, mentored, cajoled, persuaded, threatened, incented, teased, critcized, praised, and all other manners of influencing I have even remotely heard of, I finally thought I should use all these skills on someone other than myself.

Hence, Improvement Solutions which became Business Improvement Solutions (thanks to the Nova Scotia Business Registry's need to protect me) and has now "matured" to Business Improvement Results.

But none of all this over 13 or so years provided an answer to the question: What template should one choose for their blog?

So this is my first stab, my Hudson's Bay start, my Version 1.

What do YOU think?

The Perfection Game runs like this:

  1. You provide me a score out of 10 for this choice of blog template
  2. You tell me what you like (and therefore recommend I keep)
  3. You tell me what would make it a 10 out of 10 for you (ideally adding enough improvement ideas to move your scoring in 1. to a 10)

The Ask for Help:

  • Will you please play the Perfection Game on this blog?

Thanks, eh?


Anonymous said...

Hello Paul,

> Will you please play the Perfection Game on this blog?

Yes. I give it 5/10

What I like is:

- The catchy title
- The beautiful graphic theme
- Blogger, wich I like as a blog system
- The first post is an Ask For Help
- It is also a "Hudson Bay Start" a nice expression which I didn't know and like very much

To give it a 10, I'd like :

- Your complete profile to contain more information about you or a link to your professional website
- The subtitle of your blog to be short and crisp, like "Reflexions and lessons learned" (for example)
- The font of the subtitle to be clear and legible
- The white frame at the top of page to disappear, letting the sky be the limit :-)
- The fog effect on the light house to me more natural and regular


Anonymous said...

More on how you do business. What do you do in difficult situations? How do you stay calm? How do you stay detached?